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How does SEO work?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about making your website more search engine friendly. A search engine
is simply a program designed to crawl websites and index key information so that it may be referenced at a later date.
The references appear when a person types something (Keywords) into a search engine search bar.

The search engines do not record all of the information on your website. They only record parts such as the HTML and then the indexing process helps to match what the user wants with the websites the search engine has on file.

A search engine cannot understand what your website is all about; it can only make educated guesses in order to help the search engine user find the correct website. That is where SEO comes into play and why an SEO consultant is necessary. It is a way of helping the search engine match your website up with your target audience. The better your SEO is, the more chance your target audience will visit your website.

Why should you use a freelance consultant?

There has been a lot of trouble with rogue search engine companies. Every time a search engine creates an update then the rogue SEO companies are exposed. Sadly, this also means that their customers are penalised as a result. With a freelance SEO consultant, the responsibility lies with just one person.

This means that a freelance agent is able to build up an online reputation. It means an SEO expert may be recognised by name instead of by the many fake reviews that online SEO companies produce.

Hiring a freelance SEO consultant also means you know what you are getting. When you use a company you are trusting that they put your website with one of their experts. However, unless you are prepared to pay thousands of pounds, the chances are that when you go with an SEO company your website is put with the new guy.This of course is not the case with a freelance SEO expert.

A better price for a higher quality

If you think about the logic, you can see how an SEO consultant is able to work for a lower rate because there are fewer overheads to cover. There is also no chance that the expert is going to do a bad job because he or she is a disgruntled employee because the company consists of one person. In fact, the only downside to a freelance agent is that he or she cannot take on the work of numerous companies at one time.

This works out well for you because if you are able to secure some of that SEO expert’s time, then you can be assured that you are getting the best possible quality. You can be sure that the expert is pouring all of his or her expertise into the project without distraction or deviation.

This is why a search engine consultant is the best for startups and smaller businesses

You get your own expert working on your project, you get the best prices, you get years of SEO experience poured into your work, and more importantly you know your freelance expert is dedicated because he or she needs you as much as you need them. A perfect reputation is what keeps food on a freelancers table, which is why you are guaranteed the best possible service.

There are many services that are on offer

Here is a quick look at just a few of the services that a freelance SEO consultant is able to offer small businesses, private citizens and new company/website startups.

A full SEO audit

Google claims to measure over 200 metrics when it comes to SEO. An SEO audit is able to isolate those factors and point them out to you. You are able to see where your SEO falls flat and where its strengths are.

There are many things about your SEO that you may simply not know exist or that you may have forgotten. For all you know, you may have unnatural links, or your content management system may have installed no-follow or no-index tabs on key pages.

Keyword research

It is easy to get to the top of the Google search engine result page, and do not forget that Google is the biggest and most popular search engine in the world.You could optimize your pages for keywords such as “tickle flamers” and be at the top of the Google search engine results by the end of next month, but this is going to do you any good. You need keywords that your target audience are going to type into the search engines. This is where keyword research comes in. It involves a method of picking suitably popular keywords that also have a competitor competition level that is realistic for both short and long term goals.

On-site optimisation

Some call this on-page optimisation, but we go deeper than this. We are able to key in the numerous SEO factors into your website from the H tags to the keyword prominence of a page. From the HTML titles of all the pages, to the URL structures.

Technical audit

This is where we get down to the nitty-gritty and help you create the most search engine friendly pages possible. It happens by looking at

    Server Response Codes
    XML Sitemap issues
    Crawling/Indexing Issues
    Site Loading Time
    Duplicate Content Issues
    Dynamic or Unfriendly URLs
    Information Architecture

Backlink analysis

Your backlink profile is similar to a little voting system where other websites are able to show search engines that your website is of interest. Metrics such as the anchor text offers key information that helps search engines such as Google better understand what your website is all about. A backlink audit can identify any areas that have been over optimised or any low authority links that may be harming your sites organic performance within SERPs. If you have been affected by Googles Penguin update this will highlight the areas that should be addressed for recovery.

Let me rank up your website

I am able to get your website higher up the search engine results pages and use the most profitable keywords so that only your target audience ever pays you a visit. I am able to create a search engine friendly website that is also visible with social media accounts.

Allow me to build the online authority of your website and brand

The internet is able to swallow up the reputation of a company by simply burying it under more modern information. Thanks to my SEO techniques and my brand building efforts, I am able to make your website a hot topic. I can build up a brand and website image so that when people want your variety of products or services then your name is at the end of their fingertips.

The traffic is out there, but it is currently being dominated by your competitors websites. All I do is change the flow of traffic so it flows towards you instead of them.

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